Symposium Univ Bordeaux

CONNECTOMICS : the wiring diagram of the human brain I September 22- 26, 2014

Imagine that your goal is to discover how a brain works. A map of brain connections would be helpful for interpreting measurements of the signals transmitted between neurons. In the human brain, these signals travel in a complex network of 100 billion or so neurons, each of which is connected to 10,000 others. Such a map of a brain, human or otherwise, does not yet exist. But as technology advances, researchers are setting their sights on the connectome, a word created to describe a complete map of connections in a brain or a piece of a brain. A new discipline of modern neuroscience then appeared, the connectomics, which examines the organization and functioning of the brain across the connectome, namely all the anatomical and functional connections of the brain.

The connectomics combines current advanced imaging techniques mainly around the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) including diffusion imaging (dMRI) and new analytical approaches such as functional connectivity, graph theory…Understanding and optimal use of these methods require a multidisciplinary training for researchers in neuroscience.
This is the challenge of the summer school "CONNECTOMICS 2014" which will offer to the scientific community a state of the art of the most advanced approaches currently used in determining the wiring diagram of the human brain, to deepen or to acquire new knowledge about an area still not taught and booming: the connectome of the human brain.

This will take the form of 4-days courses with different sessions dealing with micro- and macroscopic high-tech structural and functional connectomes, intrinsic resting-state connectivity and databasing.



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